Working with pine needles

I just discovered some weeks ago that pine needles can be weaved into all sorts of baskets and I had to try it. I just HAD to try it… And this is what I made:


I was taking a hike with my parents the other day and we saw a pine with exceptionally long needles. I took home a few of the fallen ones just to see what I could make out of them.


I didn’t took many pictures of the process because the truth is that I thought I won’t be getting it right the first time, so I wasn’t planning on sharing it with you at all, and yet here I am. I really need to improve on my stitches, but it’s not so bad for a first approach, right?

I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube and there are true experts in the art of pine needle basketry. There are people who literally devote their lives to this craft! I’ll leave you some links below in case you want to investigate further… I’m no expert whatsoever and I can’t even identify the different types of pine trees… So, my only advice will be: the longer the needles the better.


This is how long mine were

To know more:

The first video I found, by Wild She Goes.

And here’s another model, by DustTheNation.

Here’s a display by the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library of different baskets and objects so you can see the versatility.

And if you feel extra creative, it seems they can be dyed too! (Next thing to try! 🙆🏼 )

I’m sure that after this you’ll see pine trees in a very different way. Don’t you feel like giving it a try?

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🌲🌲🌲

3 thoughts on “Working with pine needles

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