No sewing patchwork hot air balloon


Many years ago I came across this video and I thought it was a genius idea! Now I’ve finally had the opportunity to make one for my new little cousin.

The video is in Spanish, but I think it’s so visual that it’s easy to follow even if you don’t understand the audio. So I guess I don’t need to do a step by step explanation.

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More socks

If you are looking for a quick project to crochet before winter is over, these comfy stay-at-home socks are a good way to give use to odd skeins that may have remained from bigger projects, and they also make great gifts.

One small skein like these ones from Flying Tiger stores makes for one sock for small woman’s feet (about 36 in Spain, which according to this website would be like a 5.5 in US and a 3.5 in UK)


Using this hairy yarn adds a plus of difficulty because you need to literally feel (with your fingers) where the stitches are, since it’s impossible to determine with your eyes where are you supposed to insert your hook next… This can be quite discouraging at first… but this also means it won’t show if you make any mistakes… 😉


The pattern itself is not difficult, and you can follow video instructions in my previous post about socks from (can’t-bellieve-how-quick-time-goes-by) two years ago.


Happy crochetting!


Origami dress birthday gift card

Wow! It’s been a while! I didn’t have the chance to blog much during my summer vacations, but now I’m back in the city and ready to return to my routine –or almost.

Today I bring you something quick and easy: an origami dress.


Sometimes we have to give money to someone for their birthday and money really is an ugly thing to give, so it’s always better to make a gift card or something nice as part of the present.

I made this for my sister in law’s birthday. We were told that she wanted a dress, but since those things are so personal, we thought a gift card and the money was a better option.

This is the tutorial I followed but there are many others out there.

I’m preparing something very cool for next week but I can’t post it yet because it’s a birthday present for my friend Marta who could be reading this post so -psssss-. All I can say is that it has glitter… and she is going to love it! 🙂


Swedish Paper Stars

There’s been too much yarn around here lately, so I think it’s time for a little bit of paper crafts.
Do you feel like learning how to make this wonderful 3D paper stars? They look a little Christmassy in white, but they can make a cute bow for any present if you make them in any other color.



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