Cat ears crochet hat

“What? Yarn? But it’s almost summer!”

Oh, yeah, how north-hemisphere centered of you, my friend… Don’t forget that when it’s almost summer to you, it’s also almost winter somewhere else.

Anyway, I have too much yarn, and I saw this project and I just couldn’t resist 🙂


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What’s been going on

It’s been more than a month since my last post and some of you may be wondering what happened to me. Did I just get bored of blogging? Did I die?

Well, I’m still alive, but certainly there’s been a lot going on in the last month.

First of all, we moved. And moving sucks. For the previous weeks to the M-day (Moving day) your old house is full of boxes and garbage and everything is in the middle. Then, there’s the big day. And for the following weeks, your new house is –also- full of boxes and garbage and everything. And there is a lot to do, make, install and repair. And countless trips to IKEA.

I miss having a HOME.

To make things worse, as a consequence of the moving –or maybe not, we’ll never know- our cat stopped feeding himself. He just stopped eating and drinking, and all he did for two days was throw up. He was so dehydrated at last that we had to leave him in a clinic for 4 days! They did all sorts of analytics and tests and everything seemed all right, apart from a little swelling in the small intestine the cause of which we’ll never know.

On those same days, our refrigerator stopped freezing and our motorbike broke down.

It was probably one of the worst weeks of my life. It seemed as if everything was going wrong! I’m not enjoying this 2015 so far…

Now, the bike starts (although it still needs some fixing), our fridge works –thanks dad!-  and, more important, Nui is back home.

photo (5)

I just need a little bit of time to put my life in place again and I’ll be back with new crafty things very soon.

Thanks for being there.


Crocheted tubular infinity scarf

This Christmas I received as a present 5 skeins of yarn. It was great because they are of a very neutral color (in fact is one of those weird colors that looks completely different depending on the light) and 5 skeins allow you to make big things like jackets, jumpers, etc. So… I spent many days thinking about what could I make out of that yarn, looking for patterns, figuring out the best technique, obsessing…

To knit or not to knit, that’s THE question…


If I’m honest with myself, I would say that now, in this very moment of my life, I prefer crochet. But since I started as a knitter, and I haven’t been knitting for a while… I felt kind of guilty… like if I was betraying my needles or something… Anyway, by the title of the post you must have already guessed that:

  1. I made a scarf (pffff, how original)
  2. I chose crochet.

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Cat home makeover: from cat to shark

The toughest thing when you create something from scratch is that you have too many decisions to make. Materials, shape, colours, decorations… What bothers me about decisions is that choosing something usually means discarding the rest. I always end up wondering if I’ve made the right choice. Fortunately, there is always time to change your mind… from cat to shark.


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