Children Craft Packs by Gründ (a small review)


I’ve recently had the chance to try 4 craft packs of the “Mes creations” series published in France by Gründ: the paper jewels, the coloring on velvet, the pop-up postcards and the watercolor  pictures. I just want to share some thoughts with you. Continue reading


Amigurumi fruits and veggies play set

Those of you who follow the blog may have noticed that I’ve been posting some crochet fruits and veggies lately. Well, it all makes sense now that I can show you they are part of a playing set I made for my little cousins so they can pretend they go to the market, or to the garden, or whatever! 🙂


Here the fruits:


And here the veggies (although technically the tomato and the lemon are fruits too, and the mushrooms are fungi…):


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Freezer Paper Stencil Painted T-shirt

I’m very excited with this project because it’s the first time I get to use my freezer paper! Internet is full with sites and tuts about all the wonderful uses of freezer paper. The problem is that this kind of paper doesn’t exist in Spain. I’ve tried every kind of wax paper I could find, but they just didn’t work. So, when a friend told me she was going to the USA and if I wanted anything from there, the answer was clear to me: FREEZER PAPER! It cost me many jokes and laughs about how a weird souvenir it was, but I got my gigantic roll of FP after all. And now I have FP for all my lifetime –and probably it’ll be some left to leave as inheritance to my grandchildren 🙂

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Space print T-shirt


I’ve always been into space. When we went to California in 2012, we booked a tour at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. And of course we’ve been to the NASA-INTA premises here in Spain, right outside Madrid. Not as cool as Pasadena, but fun to see anyway. And closer.


There are a lot of tutorials out there about how to space print. This was a trend two or three years ago so you’ll find plenty of examples out there. They are mainly made with bleach and spray paint. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find spray fabric paint here in my city, so I decided to try with the closest thing I could find: the Playcolor One textile solid poster paint, by Instant.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get a decent detail level with this paint, since it’s meant for kids, but I must say I’m very happy with the results.

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My first project with the Cameo: the Mindundi’s tote bag

Yesterday, one of my best friends from work left the company and we couldn’t let him go without a farewell present.


I just got a Silhouette Cameo last week, after my boyfriend convinced me to buy it at thirds with him and another friend –so, it’s technically just a third mine–. I must say the machine is awesome and we got this offer that came with a starter kit for fabric painting, so it was perfect for the project I had in mind: the Big Mindundi tote.


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Chalk Paint workshop

Last week I attended a workshop on how to use Chalk Paint (not to be confused with chalkboard or blackboard paint). I really didn’t know what this kind of paint was, but my friend Raquel wanted to go to this workshop and I’m always open to try new things, as long as they are calm and crafty 😉
So, we went to this whimsical place called Mercantic in a town near Barcelona named Sant Cugat, where there is this lovely shop, where a very nice lady explained to us the basics of this kind of paint.


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