Can you dye pine needles?

Apparently you can. I just tried it and I’m not super thrilled with the results. But probably I did something wrong.

As you know, I recently discovered pine needles basketry an I was amazed with the possibilities! I made this little thingy but, of course, I wanted more.

My lovely parents, who have the patience of two saints, helped me collect this whole bunch of needles.

I had seen this video about dyeing them and I tried to color a few with a little bit of pink and green dyes I still had from this watermelon project I made many many years ago.

You know I’m not good at following instructions, so the truth is that I just put some dye in some water for some time. But I really didn’t measure any of those things… ^_^U

And that may explain the results.

The pink ones… yeah, they look kind of pink.

But the “green” ones… not so much. Maybe I had to use more dye, or less water…

Anyway, it’s definitely something to try again soon.

I still have a loooot of needles…, so, between the pandemic mobility restrictions and the surplus of pine needles, everyone be ready to receive coasters and baskets this Christmas! 😁 🌲 ❤️

Stay safe! 😷

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