Scratch Paper Art: Feathers on a Wall

Hi there! I’m back with another scratch paper project, which I just learn the correct name for this technique is “sgraffito”. The truth is I made this BEFORE the Beauty and the Best stained glass thing, and it was a very useful way to learn the technique and see all the possibilities this color paper could offer.

BBNN_feathers 1

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Probably one of the coolest animal sticker books out there

It was about time that this book was published in Spain because it’s not a regular animal sticker book.


I saw the French edition some years ago published by Mila and I loved it right away! And there is also the Catalan edition from 2012, and the English one. And probably there are more… there should be, anyway.

The book is illustrated by the great Géraldine Cosneau. It has 18 fold-out panoramas to play with the stickers which are removable (as all stickers should be. Removable. It had to be said!) 🙂 It also has images to color in (we don’t care about that) and 400 stickers!!! But the coolest thing is that the illustrator didn’t exclude any animal no matter how strange or ugly they are. There is a variety of species one doesn’t normally see in a children’s book.

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Portable artist station

I tend to see the artistic potential in the things other people discard: a piece of cardboard, a button, a sheet of foam… I think twice before throwing away anything that comes to my hands, because I never know when I am going to need it. This habit results in serious storage problems in my house but it also makes possible to improvise some crafts when the inspiration calls. So, when one day I found myself with some felt pens, a box of colour pencils and scraps of fabric, I knew I had a nice opportunity to create something.

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