Glitter Sparkling Shoes DIY

I bought a pair of sneakers last year and they are kind of self-destructing, because after a pair of months of use they started to fall apart: the sole cracked, the insole unglued… Maybe it’s because they were really cheap… like 2.99 € (about 4$).


Anyway, I was about to get rid of them but I decided to try something I had been thinking about for a while: GLIIITEEEERRR…


Now I like them so much I don’t want to use them too much to prevent them from falling apart completely.

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Glue and dye tote bag

I feel like I’ve been posting very crappy ideas lately… I’m working a lot these days and when I come home I’m so tired I’m everything but creative. So, in order to maintain my more-or-less-once-a-week self-imposed periodicity, I’ve been posting very easy projects. I guess I reached my peak with the cocktail umbrellas last month, and since then everything has gone down, down, down…
But I’m very happy today because I bring you one of my longest UFOS (Un-Finished-Object) ever! I’m proud to present the Kacey-Musgrave’s-inspired-glue-and-dye-tote-bag!!


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