Chunky crocheted infinity scarf (that looks like knitting)


Here’s something I made with the leftover yarn from the short poncho. It’s getting pretty warm in Spain by now, so maybe this post is a little bit out of season… but hey, it’s starting to get cold in the other half of the world, so… I guess it all depends on perspective 🙂 .

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Heart Shape / Leaf Shape Knitted Scarf

Winter winter… Today I bring you a knitted pattern that is a classic in my family. Every one we’ve ever cared about (specially old women) has received (or will receive in a near future) a scarf made with this pattern.


Although it’s made mainly with garter stitch (all stitches are a knit), I’d say it’s an intermediate level project because it involves increasing, decreasing and separating stitches.

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Maya’s Grey Ruffled Scarf

One of the presents I’ve given this year is this scarf.


It was a request from my mother in law. She wanted to give her daughter a unique scarf for Christmas so she bought these fine yarns in Italy and I made the work.


I must admit I had no idea how I was supposed to work with the white… “thing” (I’m not sure you can call it “yarn”). I couldn’t find any directions, not even in the website of the manufacturer. But it turned out it is meant to make ruffles… so ruffles it is! 🙂

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Crochet flower shawl

It’s already March but it’s still pretty chilly around here… I can’t wait for the nice weather to come!  SPRING! I SUMMON THEE! 🙂 The only thing I like about winter is that you get to wear the yarn items you’ve been making during the year like scarves, hats, etc. But apart from that… winter sucks.  Anyway, before the yarn season in over, let’s go with another crochet project: my crochet flower shawl!

This is a shawl I made many years ago with my mom, and it’s easy and fun to make. It’s all made of crochet flowers sewn together. Keep reading after the jump for a tutorial on how to make the flower and more pics.

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Crocheted tubular infinity scarf

This Christmas I received as a present 5 skeins of yarn. It was great because they are of a very neutral color (in fact is one of those weird colors that looks completely different depending on the light) and 5 skeins allow you to make big things like jackets, jumpers, etc. So… I spent many days thinking about what could I make out of that yarn, looking for patterns, figuring out the best technique, obsessing…

To knit or not to knit, that’s THE question…


If I’m honest with myself, I would say that now, in this very moment of my life, I prefer crochet. But since I started as a knitter, and I haven’t been knitting for a while… I felt kind of guilty… like if I was betraying my needles or something… Anyway, by the title of the post you must have already guessed that:

  1. I made a scarf (pffff, how original)
  2. I chose crochet.

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Double crochet infinity scarf

A pair of months ago, the lovely girl from ukcrochetpatterns.com asked her readers about how often they make things for themselves. I realized almost everything I make ends up as a gift for someone and I don’t really keep much of what I make, apart from little failures that aren’t good enough to be given as presents. BUT, the minute I found myself with these two skeins of yarn, I decided they’ll become something for ME. Plus, they are the same color of the blog! 🙂


The thing is that I ONLY had these two little skeins, so I couldn’t do much. So I decided to go for something easy like a infinity scarf, which is something I’ve made in many occasions for gifts, but never for myself. This is made with double crochet (US speaking), and a 10 mm hook, which is pretty big.

I started with 102 stitches and then went on double crocheting all around, all yarn long…

I’m happy with the results, but I wished I had some more yarn so I could have made some more rows and have the scarf a little bit wider… but it’s Ok. 🙂