Guest crafter: my father


They say abilities are genetically inherited and I think that might be true. Sports skills don’t run in the family, that’s a fact, but no one can deny there’s a certain disposition to craftiness and art flowing through our veins. We don’t have any artist as the artist archetype you can imagine, but more or less all of us do something crafty with our hands: from playing instruments to inventing machines.

I wanted to start a section of guest crafters in the blog to show you a little bit of the art I have around among my family and friends. Mainly the little things, unusual or even weird, that society doesn’t recognize as “art” but that certainly involve a big dose of craftsmanship. And I wanted to start it showing you what my father does.

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Paper weaving

I can’t recall how I ended up watching a video tutorial on paper weaving. Most probably, I was on Youtube looking for something else (probably funny cats, I’m not ashamed) and it just popped up as a related video. What is the connection between cats and paper? Only God and Youtube algorithms know… 🙂
Anyway, the moment I became aware of this technique, I knew I had to try it right away.


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