Amigurumi fruits and veggies play set

Those of you who follow the blog may have noticed that I’ve been posting some crochet fruits and veggies lately. Well, it all makes sense now that I can show you they are part of a playing set I made for my little cousins so they can pretend they go to the market, or to the garden, or whatever! 🙂


Here the fruits:


And here the veggies (although technically the tomato and the lemon are fruits too, and the mushrooms are fungi…):


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Amigurumi banana pattern

The last but not least in my series of crochet veggies is THE BANANA.


I had been thinking about the banana for some days because I didn’t really know how to make this crescent-moon-like shape… But I’m pretty satisfied with the result. It’s a toy anyway… it has to be identifiable, but I didn’t really need too much detail level. It’s not one of those absolutely perfect plastic food replicas they have in Japan…

Read more for the pattern and some pics!

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Amigurumi lemon

I’m almost done with all my veggie-gumies (vegetable + amigurumi), just made up that word. I’ll show you what all is about after Christmas and all the waiting will be worth!


Well, a lemon is not very glamorous, but here it goes the pattern in case anyone needs it. You know, people look for very odd things in the internet… maybe someone needs a lemon for some reason… You can never know. So, just in case:

Make a magic ring and 6 stitches in it.
Row 1-3: single crochet in each (6)
Row 4: two single crochet in each (12)
Row 5: single crochet in the first stitch, two single crochet in the next (18)
Row 6: sc in first stitch, sc in the second stitch, two sc in the next (24)
Row 7: sc in first 3 stitches, two sc in the next (30)
Row 8-16: sc in each
Row 17: sc in first 3 stitches, 2sc together in next (24)
Row 18: sc in first 2 stitches, 2sc together in next (18)
Row 19: sc in first stitch, 2sc together in next (12)
Row 20: 2sc together in each (6)
Row 21-22: sc in each.
Row 23: 2sc together in each, and close.

Well, yes, some posts are better than others.

What can I say.

Life is hard.

Afterthought: If you make just half a lemon, you’ll get a crochet boob. ^_^U Not sure what could you use that for… but I don’t want to know anyway… -_-U

That reminds me of this old blog, an absolute “must” for crochetters looking for inspiration:
What not to crochet

It’s a pity the blog is no longer active. But luckily there is someone commited to the cause in Pinterest.

Yeah, I think this post just improved with this contribution.

I can post it now without remorse. 😉


Crochet Mandarin Orange

Christmas in cooooming… although it’s so hot still in here it doesn’t look like it. But calendars don’t lie, and it’s never too soon for a crafter to start with the Christmas presents when you want to make a lot of handmade things for everyone around.
Anyway, I’m up to something but I can’t tell yet, because it’s a surprise, but it involves some crochet veggies as, for instance, this crochet mandarin orange.


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Watermelonize me!

Watermelon print is a trend. Well, maybe it’s not really like a worldwide trend… But I’ve been a little bit obsessed with watermelons lately, so I guess at least it’s a trend to me… 🙂


When I was a child, I had this watermelon shirt that I really liked, so maybe it has to do with some childhood memory retrieving thing…


Oh, yeah, look at my hair… I’m a child of the 80’s…

Anyway, I had so much dye left after my Kacey-Musgrave’s-inspired-glue-and-dye-tote-bag that I felt I had to dye something else.

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Fruit box upgrade

I don’t know how it’s like in other parts of the world, but here in Spain you can buy some fruits like strawberries and cherries in wooden boxes. This summer I went bananas and bought kilos and kilos of strawberries and then I had to make all sort of things to prevent them from spoiling. I made jam, syrup, coulis, popsicles, strawberry lemonade… and I saved one of the boxes they came in. With some fabric and rick-rack ribbon I made a little…something… to embellish it a little.
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