Heart Shape / Leaf Shape Knitted Scarf

Winter winter… Today I bring you a knitted pattern that is a classic in my family. Every one we’ve ever cared about (specially old women) has received (or will receive in a near future) a scarf made with this pattern.


Although it’s made mainly with garter stitch (all stitches are a knit), I’d say it’s an intermediate level project because it involves increasing, decreasing and separating stitches.

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Autumn is here…

Fall season is here. We are loosing 3 minutes of sunlight every day, it’s getting chilly, trees are getting rid of their leaves, birds are migrating south… but don’t despair. If you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, just rememeber:

yarn weather

Cool crochet patterns and ideas coming soon… 🙂


Knitting little penguin jumpers

Some weeks ago, a friend posted in Facebook an article about a foundation in Australia that had made a claim to knitters asking them to send jumpers for the penguins. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I realized the news was authentic. The foundation really exists and the jumpers are part of a project called Knits for nature that started some years ago and provides clothes and shelter for penguins that have been affected by oil spills.

The moment I realized it wasn’t a prank, I felt an uncontrollable urge to knit for the penguins. I like knitting, and I like penguins, and I like helping… It was all perfect! So I started knitting.

I didn't have any penguins at home to try it on... but this little sad old dog volunteered to model.

I didn’t have any penguins at home to try it on… but this sad little old dog volunteered to model.

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4 needles knitted mittens

The title of this post sounds like a tongue twister:
“I have one knitted mitten knitted with four knitting needles. If I hadn’t knitted the mitten with four knitting needles, it won’t be my four needles knitted mitten.”

Phew! I had a hard time even writing that! 🙂


Yesterday I went to a workshop in one of my favorite shops here in Barcelona: Nido de abeja. The class was about knitting with double point needles. I’d never knitted in the round with that kind of needles so I had to try.

This was the result after 4 hours…


I know, I know. It’s not the best mitten in the world… but providing it was my first experience with that kind of knitting I think it’s not that bad. Yeah… the thumb is a little shorter… because it was lunch time and I wanted to finish it so I skipped some rows… ^_^U

Anyway, I enjoyed the process very much and I spent a lovely morning with very nice people.
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