Tapestry Crochet Little Purse

Tapestry crochet is something I’d been meaning to try for a while. It’s a whole world and you can make pretty cool designs with this technique.


I found these videos by Chabepatterns that explain very clearly the basics of tapestry crochet in Spanish and in English.

But, as you can see in the videos, if you make regular single crochets, the lines end up inclined. So, for most designs where you will want you stitches aligned, you will need to do the “split single crochet”, and this is when it becomes a little bit tricky.

Here you can find how to make this stitch, in Spanish and in English.

And… there is yet a 3rd option: crocheting on the back loop only. This gives a nice texture and pictures are not as deviated as with regular single crochet, but not as centered as with the split single crochet.

Here’s how to make the back loop only stitch in Spanish and in English.

Can you see the differences?


For the coin purse, I used this pattern I found on Shutter. I wanted something simple that I could repeat all over.

I copied it to a squared notebook page and realized it’s a repetition of 10 stitches and 8 rows. This will help you determine how many chains you need. In my case, I needed a multiple of 10.


I used a 2,75 mm hook and a cotton thread named Amy I bought at Zeeman last year, but it’s not longer on their webpage, so maybe they are not making it anymore… ¿?

I made 30 chains +1 for turning, and worked a first row of regular single crochets ON BOTH SIDES of the chain. So, 30 in one side, 30 on the other: 60 sc in total.

For the beginning of the second row, I added my other color and started following the chart.



And kept on.


I made 24 rows in spiral following the pattern. And 1 last row of only light blue to finish.


Now, for the closure, I just happened to have this tiny piece of zipper which was always just too short to be used on any other project, but it was the perfect length for this coin purse! ❤ I attached it by hand, hiding the stitches underneath the top chain.

And that’s all! It was not so difficult after all, but I did suffer a little because I tend to crochet very tight, and sometimes it was difficult to insert the hook on the right place…


❤ ❤ ❤


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