Reversible neck warmer with snaps

I promised more crafts with snaps, so here’s an easy and quick craft to use them. This neck warmer is a perfect complement for winter and makes a perfect DIY gift too.


All you need is two pieces of fabric, snaps and thread.

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Celebrate Autumn with these felt leaves


Summer is officially gone in the north hemisphere, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can mourn because the days are becoming shorter and the holidays are over, or we can embrace the good things of the Fall: like not being sweaty all the time, resurrecting your scarfs and cardigans from wherever you hid them last spring, using boots again (yei!), enjoying cozy drinks, new episodes of your favorite TV shows, and suddenly you feel like baking, and knitting, and cuddling again…

So, celebrate the new season with some decor for your home, like this easy felt leaves wall hanging. It’s as simple as (pumpkin) pie!

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Spring wreath deco and 2 ways of making easy fabric flowers

Spring is officially here so now I can officially change my winter door wreath decoration into a spring theme! The thing is that I only have one wreath that I bought two years ago in L.A. The original plan was to change its decoration every season, but the reality is that I decorated it for Christmas on 2012 and never changed it to spring… Yeah, that’s right, I left my Christmas decorations during spring, summer and fall until it was winter again… It was mainly laziness, but I like to think it had something to do with rebellion too. Like, you know, doing whatever you want, whenever you want, not when society tells you to, blah blah blah. 🙂 But it was mainly laziness, I’m not going to lie.


The thing is that the other day I suddenly felt the urge to switch to the spring deco for good. They say better late than never, right? 😉 So, that was the result:



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A case for my hooks

My hooks finally have a cosy home to live in! I made this cute pencil case following a tutorial of one of my favourite blogs: the Australian A Spoonful of Sugar. Predictably, the result was a little bit different, due to my innate incapability to follow any pattern. But I’m happy with the result after all. Mainly because there is no way anything made out of this super cool fabric could look bad!


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