Jumping Clay: a review

I learned about the existence of this modelling clay a pair of weeks ago when a friend from work told me about it and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before! I’ve tried polymer clays like Fimo and Sculpey and I hate the baking part. I get anxious when it’s in the oven, and I always have this irrational fear that it’s all going to be burned or damaged, or that the oven is going to explode…. A non-toxic, eco-friendly, easy mixing, inexpensive, air draying clay? It almost seemed too good to be true. So I had to try it… and this is my review.


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Reuse more, buy less (Some thoughts on consumerism and lots of great links to revamp your clothes)

I’m amazed to see how Spanish shops have tried to import this year the US tradition of Black Friday (<- click the link if you don’t know what Black Friday is.)
Well, it makes sense. If it’s the most profitable day of the year for shops in the USA, there is no reason to think it shouldn’t be the same in other countries. However, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, so the Friday after Thanksgiving is just… a regular Friday… after a regular Thursday. If at least we had imported the whole Thanksgiving thing, I could be right now enjoying a long weekend somewhere eating turkey with my family.


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