Quick craft: Faux succulent door wreath

Succulents and cactus are a trend, at least here in Spain. But I guess nowadays these things are pretty much global… Anyway, here’s a quick and simple way to decorate a door wreath for the summer.


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Patchwork Cactus DIY Kit


Hi there! Today I bring you something quite original and very easy to make (once you understand the instructions…). This is a DIY kit from Natura stores, that comes with all you need to make your own patchwork cactus.



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Hanging Plants in Water: Easy, Quick and Cheap


Hanging plants has become a thing in the past year. They are in every blog and in every shop. I love when I see all these macrame hangers… but I always think I have no place to hang them from. I’m definitely too scare to drill into the ceiling of my rented apartment… I can picture all sorts of catastrophic scenes, from me falling form the ladder with drilling debris in my eyes and ending blind for the rest of my life, to the whole ceiling collapsing and my scared neighbors looking at me through a big hole in their living room.

So, I ended up with a pretty good solution: hang my plants from a hanger for 3 reasons:

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