Star Wars Millennium Falcon origami

I’ve recently added a new asset to my collection of “things I can make out of paper”, and it is a Millennium Falcon spaceship from the Star Wars saga. And what a better day to show it than May the 4th? Well, it’s still May the 3rd here in Spain, but I’ve checked and it’s already tomorrow in some parts of the world, so… 😉

BBNN_millennium Falcon Origami0

The design comes from this book by origami artist Chris Alexander, which is also available in Spanish.

STAR WARS COVER MECH 3rd pass.indd

It comes with printed papers for every model, which gives the pieces a very cool look. But if you don’t have the book or run out of papers, you can experiment with different prints.

Check out these ships I made with some animal print papers my brother gave me as a gift. Cool, uh? Animal print is very trendy! That I’ve heard… 😉

BBNN_millennium Falcon Origami2

Check the written instructions HERE,

and there is also a Youtube video HERE.