My first project with the Cameo: the Mindundi’s tote bag

Yesterday, one of my best friends from work left the company and we couldn’t let him go without a farewell present.


I just got a Silhouette Cameo last week, after my boyfriend convinced me to buy it at thirds with him and another friend –so, it’s technically just a third mine–. I must say the machine is awesome and we got this offer that came with a starter kit for fabric painting, so it was perfect for the project I had in mind: the Big Mindundi tote.


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Watermelonize me!

Watermelon print is a trend. Well, maybe it’s not really like a worldwide trend… But I’ve been a little bit obsessed with watermelons lately, so I guess at least it’s a trend to me… 🙂


When I was a child, I had this watermelon shirt that I really liked, so maybe it has to do with some childhood memory retrieving thing…


Oh, yeah, look at my hair… I’m a child of the 80’s…

Anyway, I had so much dye left after my Kacey-Musgrave’s-inspired-glue-and-dye-tote-bag that I felt I had to dye something else.

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Glue and dye tote bag

I feel like I’ve been posting very crappy ideas lately… I’m working a lot these days and when I come home I’m so tired I’m everything but creative. So, in order to maintain my more-or-less-once-a-week self-imposed periodicity, I’ve been posting very easy projects. I guess I reached my peak with the cocktail umbrellas last month, and since then everything has gone down, down, down…
But I’m very happy today because I bring you one of my longest UFOS (Un-Finished-Object) ever! I’m proud to present the Kacey-Musgrave’s-inspired-glue-and-dye-tote-bag!!


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Two friends, two bags

In the past few months I had the birthday of two of my friends. I wanted to make something easy, nice, useful and unique for each of them. So, after some thinking, I decided to make these tote bags. They both work in publishing, so they are always carrying around books and papers. One enjoys the music of The Beatles and the other is a fan of abc series Once Upon a Time. Can you guess which bag belongs to whom? 🙂



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