Amigurumi fruits and veggies play set

Those of you who follow the blog may have noticed that I’ve been posting some crochet fruits and veggies lately. Well, it all makes sense now that I can show you they are part of a playing set I made for my little cousins so they can pretend they go to the market, or to the garden, or whatever! 🙂


Here the fruits:


And here the veggies (although technically the tomato and the lemon are fruits too, and the mushrooms are fungi…):


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Probably one of the coolest animal sticker books out there

It was about time that this book was published in Spain because it’s not a regular animal sticker book.


I saw the French edition some years ago published by Mila and I loved it right away! And there is also the Catalan edition from 2012, and the English one. And probably there are more… there should be, anyway.

The book is illustrated by the great Géraldine Cosneau. It has 18 fold-out panoramas to play with the stickers which are removable (as all stickers should be. Removable. It had to be said!) 🙂 It also has images to color in (we don’t care about that) and 400 stickers!!! But the coolest thing is that the illustrator didn’t exclude any animal no matter how strange or ugly they are. There is a variety of species one doesn’t normally see in a children’s book.

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Hard cover notebooks

Christmas is over but the good thing is I can finally upload all the things I’ve been making these days as presents for my love ones like… these fabric hardcover pretty notebooks!! Yeeeii!! I’m not going to lie, they are not easy peasy, and it takes a few days to make them (because there is a lot of gluing and drying) but the effort is definitely worth it because the results are very professional… <- at least that’s what I think. Continue reading for a fantastic video tutorial by Sea Lemon and more pictures!


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