French Knot Constellation Map

Ah… stars… I miss thou.

I like the Universe stuff for many reasons… but stars, particularly, they bring me back memories of my teenage summers when I used to change the polluted skies of the city for the country’s clear air and suddenly discover there were more stars than I thought.

So, I had a piece of black cross stitch fabric leftover from the Arecibo message project, and with a frame and a little bit of patience, this is what came out.


The project is very simple and all it takes is to know how to do a French knot.

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Swedish Paper Stars

There’s been too much yarn around here lately, so I think it’s time for a little bit of paper crafts.
Do you feel like learning how to make this wonderful 3D paper stars? They look a little Christmassy in white, but they can make a cute bow for any present if you make them in any other color.



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