Pine needle trivet

I warned you… there’d be many pine needle thingies coming… and here’s the first one: a trivet (just learnt this word today) to protect you table from hot things like pots, casseroles, etc.

I already shared with you some youtube videos about pine needle weaving in my first post that you can check here if you missed it.

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And here I leave you some pics of the process!

To make sure the stitches are aligned, I’ve found the best way is to make the stitch diagonally. That’s to say, you insert the needle from the left side of the stitch and get it out from the right side, like in the picture below:

Keep stitching around, adding pine needles to the coil when necessary to maintain the same thickness.

When I started my last row, I decided to wrap the whole row with the thread in order to hide the pointy ends of the pine needles and avoid unwanted pricks!

To end the work, I cut the excess of pine needles and wrapped them around like this. 

There’s probably a better way to do it, but I don’t know it yet 🙂 

et voilà!

pine needle trivet Bubanana

Perfect size for my fancy tea pot!

pine needle trivet

Stay safe, my darlings! ❤️ 😷 ❤️

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