Pompoms 2: Animals!


The pompom frenzy goes on and it helps that we now have air conditioners in the house, because otherwise I won’t be going anywhere near the yarn…. I hope you are reading me from a chillier place because, sister, this summer is being extremely hot here in Barcelona.

Well, as promised, here come more pompons. And now the theme is ANIMALS!

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Crochet “Octopuses for Preemies” Frenzy


One can say many things about the crocheter community, but no one can say crocheters are not committed. Every time there’s a cause when someone asks for crocheted stuff, crocheters are there to flood the world with yarn, no matter if it’s to help the refugees, the penguins or the homeless. All it takes is a quick look at the Crochet Guild of America’s webpage to see a glimpse of all the charity projects they work on.

But every now and then, some cause gets viral and suddenly everyone (EVERYONE) is crocheting octopuses for premature born babies. Continue reading


Probably one of the coolest animal sticker books out there

It was about time that this book was published in Spain because it’s not a regular animal sticker book.


I saw the French edition some years ago published by Mila and I loved it right away! And there is also the Catalan edition from 2012, and the English one. And probably there are more… there should be, anyway.

The book is illustrated by the great Géraldine Cosneau. It has 18 fold-out panoramas to play with the stickers which are removable (as all stickers should be. Removable. It had to be said!) 🙂 It also has images to color in (we don’t care about that) and 400 stickers!!! But the coolest thing is that the illustrator didn’t exclude any animal no matter how strange or ugly they are. There is a variety of species one doesn’t normally see in a children’s book.

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Knitting little penguin jumpers

Some weeks ago, a friend posted in Facebook an article about a foundation in Australia that had made a claim to knitters asking them to send jumpers for the penguins. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I realized the news was authentic. The foundation really exists and the jumpers are part of a project called Knits for nature that started some years ago and provides clothes and shelter for penguins that have been affected by oil spills.

The moment I realized it wasn’t a prank, I felt an uncontrollable urge to knit for the penguins. I like knitting, and I like penguins, and I like helping… It was all perfect! So I started knitting.

I didn't have any penguins at home to try it on... but this little sad old dog volunteered to model.

I didn’t have any penguins at home to try it on… but this sad little old dog volunteered to model.

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