Little rug with T-shirt yarn (Stash Busting Project)


We crafters tend to hoard supplies because… well, you never know when you are gonna need them!! But the reality is that we end up with lots of fabric scraps and little balls of yarn that are so small there is practically nothing you can make out of them. So we end up buying new supplies for our new projects, which in turn generates new scraps that add to the pile… and so and so in a never ending cycle. 🙂

Because of that, decluttering the fabric/yarn stash is one of the most common “new year resolutions” for crafters. At least it is one for me… every year. So, if you are in the same situation, keep in tune because I’ll try to focus this year in minimizing my scraps (so I can buy new ones and not feel guilty!) 😉

In the spirit of this resolution, here’s a clever way to get rid of remnants of T-shit yarn. All you need is a piece of cardboard and thread.

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QCC (Quick Christmas Craft): glass jar candle holder


I know I know, some of you may think it’s yet too soon to think about Christmas, but it’s not, really… If shops can have their Christmas stuff already displayed, why can’t I? ☺

This candle holder is a very quick and easy thing to do, and it really gives a Christmassy coziness to any room. All you need is an empty and clean glass jar and a white pen that paints on glass, easy to find in any craft store. Alternatively, you could use white acrylic paint and a thin brush if you have a steady hand… ☺


It’s really so silly that I don’t think this post needs a “keep reading” jump.

Basically, you just need to start drawing and let your imagination guide you. Once you are done, place a little candle inside and that’s all.





Guest crafter: my father


They say abilities are genetically inherited and I think that might be true. Sports skills don’t run in the family, that’s a fact, but no one can deny there’s a certain disposition to craftiness and art flowing through our veins. We don’t have any artist as the artist archetype you can imagine, but more or less all of us do something crafty with our hands: from playing instruments to inventing machines.

I wanted to start a section of guest crafters in the blog to show you a little bit of the art I have around among my family and friends. Mainly the little things, unusual or even weird, that society doesn’t recognize as “art” but that certainly involve a big dose of craftsmanship. And I wanted to start it showing you what my father does.

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Reuse more, buy less (Some thoughts on consumerism and lots of great links to revamp your clothes)

I’m amazed to see how Spanish shops have tried to import this year the US tradition of Black Friday (<- click the link if you don’t know what Black Friday is.)
Well, it makes sense. If it’s the most profitable day of the year for shops in the USA, there is no reason to think it shouldn’t be the same in other countries. However, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, so the Friday after Thanksgiving is just… a regular Friday… after a regular Thursday. If at least we had imported the whole Thanksgiving thing, I could be right now enjoying a long weekend somewhere eating turkey with my family.


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