Reversible neck warmer with snaps

I promised more crafts with snaps, so here’s an easy and quick craft to use them. This neck warmer is a perfect complement for winter and makes a perfect DIY gift too.


All you need is two pieces of fabric, snaps and tread.

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Alpaca Triangle Stitch Crochet Vest

My mother in law brought me 8 skeins of this suuuper good quality yarn from Italy and I was excited and afraid at the same time, because I wanted to use them but I didn’t want to waste them in something ugly… I thought a jacket or a jersey will be nice, but I’ve never crocheted anything with sleeves… and this yarn didn’t seem the appropriate one to experiment with!


So I ended up designing this kind of sleeveless jersey / vest…

 Classic mirror selfie…

Classic mirror selfie…

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