Best of 2020 Round up

🎵 It’s that time of year… 🎵 Yes it is. 2020 is ending and it calls for a round up, because despite it all, this year has also brought some unexpected good things… 

So here’s my selection of the DIYs I’m most proud of.

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QCC (Quick Christmas Craft): glass jar candle holder


I know I know, some of you may think it’s yet too soon to think about Christmas, but it’s not, really… If shops can have their Christmas stuff already displayed, why can’t I? ☺

This candle holder is a very quick and easy thing to do, and it really gives a Christmassy coziness to any room. All you need is an empty and clean glass jar and a white pen that paints on glass, easy to find in any craft store. Alternatively, you could use white acrylic paint and a thin brush if you have a steady hand… ☺


It’s really so silly that I don’t think this post needs a “keep reading” jump.

Basically, you just need to start drawing and let your imagination guide you. Once you are done, place a little candle inside and that’s all.





Creative wrapping with paper

Christmas is almost here!!! How did this happen?? I mean, yesterday it was summer and all the sudden…BUM! 2013 is gone. Well, let’s try not to freak out about the fact that we are getting old and time slips through our fingers faster and faster… This time of the year has good things too, like holidays and presents! I have almost every present solved, so now it’s wrapping time! Yuhuuu! Here there are some ideas to wrap you presents in a simple and creative way with things you may have at home.


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