Birthday Star Chart

My dear cousin just became a mother and we couldn’t be happier. One of the things I made to welcome this new addition to the family is this star chart I want to show you today.


It’s pretty similar to something I did some time ago (in a former life) but more… astronomically accurate in a way.

This star chart is meant to reflect the way the sky looked the day the baby was born, to mark it as a special day in the Cosmos.

You can check the star charts for any time and place in the world in this wonderful website:

The page may seem very plain at first, but it is a gem. Apart from choosing time and location, you can also filter by magnitude (perceived brightness) of the stars and decide if you want to include also planets, deep space objects (galaxies and so on), and many more possibilities.

Captura de pantalla 2

What I did was make a screen grab and print it the size of my hoop. This way I had a reference of where to put each star. Each star is made with a french knot.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

For the back side finishing, I just cut out a piece of black felt the size of the hoop and carefully hand stitched it to the Aida cloth.


As a last touch, I wrote a message; a wish of good fortune. Like fairies do in the fairy tales when a royal baby is born, you know what I mean, not in a Maleficent style though… 😉

Instead of writing it, I transferred the words using this “magical transfer pen” I bought last year in a craft fair.


I don’t know what it is made of -probably something highly toxic- but the truth is it works pretty well. Here’s their webpage if you are curious:

Just make sure you print your message backwards (mirror mode) and fix it tight before you wet the paper with the “magical” marker.



The result is a little bit faint probably because the material the hoop is made of has a very marked texture. Also I didn’t want to insist too much on it in case it made the ink to overspread… which would have been a total disaster…

And that’s it!


So, as the tag in a Yogi Tea bag may say: May the stars guide you. ❤

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