French Knot Constellation Map

Ah… stars… I miss thou.

I like the Universe stuff for many reasons… but stars, particularly, they bring me back memories of my teenage summers when I used to change the polluted skies of the city for the country’s clear air and suddenly discover there were more stars than I thought.

So, I had a piece of black cross stitch fabric leftover from the Arecibo message project, and with a frame and a little bit of patience, this is what came out.


The project is very simple and all it takes is to know how to do a French knot.

First, I decided which constellations I wanted to represent.


Then, I tried to transport them to the framed fabric and for that I used the pink thread to create some guidelines (but I didn’t follow them much, so…)


Then, for the actual stars, just make a French knot in place.
If you are not familiar with embroidery, there are loads of tutorials out there about how to do the knot. This one is very short but very clear too.

I used white, blue, yellow, orange and red thread, trying to be faithful (just trying) to the temperature of each star.



Then I added some random stars here and there to fill the space… 🙂





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