Jacket #2

Here’s another jacket I made:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost entirely made out of 1 skein of the Katia Paint yarn cake: 

For the crocheted blue edge around, I used 1 skein of Katia Merino classic.

The Katia Paint is one of those skeins that say that “you can make a whole shawl with it”. I didn’t want to make a shawl… so I decided to try if maybe “you can make a whole jacket, too”. And the answer is “almost”. I used an extra skein for the edge, but maybe if I had used another type of stitch, more “lacey”, with more holes, or even just bigger needles, maybe I could have done the whole jacket with only one skein… We’ll never know.

The “mechanics” of the jacket is the same as with the previous jacket

I knitted a rectangle of 85 x 52 cm. For that, I casted on 90 stitches in 5.5 mm needles.

I worked it in Irish moss stitch, which consists of a repeat of 4 rows: 

Rows 1 and 2: Knit 1, Purl 1 (repeat)

Rows 3 and 4: Purl 1, Knit 1 (repeat)

Fold longitudinally, sew the sides and leave a gap of about 12 cm for the arms.

For the arms, I made an elastic (knit 1, purl 1 all over) with 4.5 mm needles so the stitch would look tighter. Casted on 38 stitches and made 41 rows.

(I have a confession to make: I ran out of yarn at the end of the second arm… and I had to add a little extra. The green part you see on the left is not made with the Katia Paint skein.)

For the egde, I made it exactly as per my previous jacket: half double crochet, back loop only. 

Maybe the most “difficult” part was picking up the laterals of the knitted stitches in a way that the crochet border was neither too tight nor too loose. I found that, in my case, the best balance was alternating 1 stitch and 2 stitches in each row of my knitted work.

For my last row, I didn’t have enough yarn for a full hdc row, so I just made a last row of slip stitches all around. 

And that’s all! 🙂

I usually don’t wear so many colors, but it looks nice after all. And it’s very cozy. Although this shape of jacket is more a “stay-at-home” than “go-to-work” model, don’t you think?

Take care y’all.

😷 ❤️ 👍

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