Hiya! This is post #200. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much to you, but for me it’s a big thing. I‘m not very tenacious and I tend to get bored of everything quite easily… so believe me when I say 200 posts IS something.

So, to celebrate this occasion I decided to rescue some old projects I made long before I had the blog. Some of the pictures are blurry or low resolution, but it is what it is. We didn’t know what a Megapixel was back then 😉

My first amigurumis

My first amigurumis were these sets of bonbons and cakes. I didn’t follow any pattern, I just invented them. They came out pretty yummy!


This is a little robot I made for my friend Marina. The pattern came from this book.

(He was telling me a big secret)

Knitted face bag

This is the first picture I knitted. It was like a small handbag. Anyone recognizes the character? 

I still have this t-shirt and this skirt. So this means two things:

1) I haven’t changed much since my early twenties.

2) I should probably do some age appropriate shopping.

Ruffled scarf

I… really don’t know the story of this scarf. Most probably I was making something else and it started to curl unintentionally… and I just ended up making a scarf. I do recall that the yarn came from a big bag of yarn my grandmother gave me.

The flower of the brooch is the same pattern I showed you here two years ago:

The “The Clash” bag

Well, I had this t-shirt from that brief period of time when I tried to be punk… and ended up turning it into some kind of bag.

(Same skirt again… I think it was my favorite back then. It was from a shop called River Island).

The itty bitty bag

These were easy and fun to make. I took the pattern from a website called “Burdastyle”, which I think it no longer exists… (well, I just checked it out and it seems it does exist, but now it’s something completely different).

But… apparently you can still access the PDF with the instructions! 


The reversible cape

This is probably the project from that era I’m most proud of. Not very practical, that’s true, but I created it all from scratch, with no pattern at all, and it turned out pretty great. I still have it!

It’s completely reversible; you can’t see a seam anywhere. I was so focused on making it reversible… that I sewed the whole thing and forgot to leave a gap for turning it inside out! ^_^U

This is my old bedroom at my parent’s house, by the way 🙂

Well, that’s all! That was a piece of me I hadn’t shown you yet. I hope you enjoyed it!

As always: take care, stay safe, and everything you already know. 

😷 ❤️ 👍

One thought on “#200

  1. #200 already! Excellent work, congratulations for this new milestone.
    I can see that you really enjoy crafting, thanks for sharing, keep it up!

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