Crochet cardigan

Here I come with a big project. Well, it’s really not so big, but I just took too long to finish it… This happens.  

I had wanted to try this kind of cardigans made out of a rectangle for a loooong time, but I thought: well, yeah, it’s original, but they look kind of “orthopedic”, if you know what I mean. They don’t look like a “real” jacket. You can see it’s a rectangle with two holes… 

Then I came across this post in Pinterest, also known as “that place where you go in for a minute to see what’s going on and then suddenly (puf!), you’ve lost one hour of your life”.

Anyway, this is the post, from the Make and Do Crew blog:

I’m not good at following instructions, but there was a video of the main steps that I found very useful.

So, with that cardigan in mind, I started making my own… with a different stitch, a different yarn, a different hook… so, well, no wonder the result is so different, right? XD

Anyway, this is my version and a summary of the steps: 

I used 4 skeins of this yarn with a 4.5 mm hook:

First, I made a rectangle of about 90 x 50 cm. In my case, that meant 141 chains + 2 chains for turning. 

For the pattern, I made the exact same one I used for this vest

(you can see how a different yarn gives a different result)

So you have your rectangle:

You fold it in half longitudinally (oh, what a word!):

Sew along the sides leaving a gap for the arm hole (in my case, about 12 cm / 5 inches).

You’ll end up with something like this: 

(If you can make your seams a little bit more “invisible” than mine…, that would be better).

Then, I marked where the “corners” are, and added a few more rows (12 to be precise) to the bottom edge.

Now, for the arms, I just made a “tube” of half double crochet elastic, that’s to say, working the BACK look only. 

I made 2 rectangles of 45 chains and 18 rows. And sewed them like a tube:

Then… I started inventing (and that’s never a good thing). In order to make it easier to attach the arm piece to the armhole, I made a round of single crochets around one of the edges. But then it felt like too tight, so I made ANOTHER row, this time of hdc, increasing each other stitch (so, 1 hdc, 2 hdc in the same stitch, etc.). This way I had more stitches and it felt more “elastic” when I attached it to the armhole:

And finally, I attached the arm pieces to the armholes to the best of my ability. 

Now I see I didn’t take pictures of the last part of the process, which is kind of a ribbing aaall along the side and neck of the jacket. I made it with the same stitch as the arms: hdc, back loop only. Make as many rows as you want. I ended up making 12 rows because this was all the yarn I had left. But I wouldn’t have minded a few more rows.

And this is it:

I don’t love it. I think I could have done better. But the color is pretty cool with the right light.

And here you have it on me: 

The one of the FRONT
The one of the BACK
And “the silly one”, because I know you were expecting it 😉

(And because it’s important not to take yourself too seriously).

Stay safe, take care and craft a lot.

👍 ❤️ 😷

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