Stitch of the Month: the Jasmine Stitch (Crochet)

Hiya! It’s already March so here I am with a new stitch as promised:

Difficulty rate:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This month I’m doing a crochet stitch, because it was about time! It’s called the Jasmine stitch, it’s reversible and it gives this cool texture of petals, or some people say they see stars… Whatever, it’s a free country 😉 

It’s a cool stitch to learn, and it’s not as difficult as it seems. The main difficulty for me is that the petals are worked in threes, so it means that there’s moments when you have 19 (nineteen!) loops in your hook and you have to pass the yarn through aaaalll the loops at a time, and that can be tricky. I had some moments of desperation…

Here’s a try I made with a thicker yarn and an 6 mm hook so you can see it better.

The blue yarn was very thin, and I used a 3.5 mm hook. But I also wanted to see how would it look like with an oversized hook, so I made this other sample with a 6 mm. You can see the difference. 

Looks nice too, but it requires an extra effort to try to keep all the holes in the center of the flowers the same size. I didn’t master it, as you can see.

So, as always, I’ve surfed the net for hours to find you the best explanations, and here I leave you some video tutorials. 

In Spanish by Lanas y Ovillos

There’s also and English version

And here’s another English version by Studio Crafti just in case. (She counts 8 loops instead of 7 because she also counts the last yarn over as a stitch, but the result is the same).

I’ve also found some variations (starting with 1 chain or with 2 chains, making a single crochet or a slip stitch when closing the petals, making the petals of 5 strands instead of 7, etc.) But I think this version I’m sharing is my favorite. 

They all look great, though.

Final warning: it’s a real yarn eater! So I wouldn’t recommend making a big piece like a blanket unless you are rich or own a yarn factory or something like that. ^_^U

Take care and be safe!

👍 ❤️ 😷

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