Easy Knitted Scarf (+ bonus hat)

Hi there! Some months I have a lot to post, and some months I don’t. And this is one of those months. So, I’m sharing today a scarf and a hat my mom just made. 

The scarf is made with 2 skeins of this super cheap yarn we bought at Zeeman:

The pattern is quite simple, but it has a cool texture. 

It requires an even number of stitches and it’s a repeat of 4 rows like this: 

rows 1 and 2: knit 2, purl 2

rows 3 and 4: purl 2, knit 2

And that’s all! Fist and last 2 stitches always knitted, in all rows, to make the border to prevent the scarf from curling.

And here’s my brother modeling for the occasion… 🙂

And, if you have a skein left, you can make a simple hat like this one to match your scarf! 

It’s made with 5 mm needles, and 2 strands of yarn together so it’s thicker. 

She casted on 68 stitches (it has to be an even number) and worked an elastic ribbing (2 knits, 2 purls) aaaaall the way until she reached a height of 22 cm.

Then, she decreased tike this: 

row 1 (after your 22 cm): all knits are worked normally, all purls are worked together (p2tog).

row 2: you work each stitch as you find it. So knits are going to be knitted and purls are going to be purled. 

row 3: (like row 1 but inverted): all purls are worked normally, and the knits are worked together (k2tog).

row 4: you work each stitch as you find it. DON’T CAST OFF.

Instead of casting off, leave a long tail of yarn. Then, the top part of the hat is closed by passing the yarn through the stitches in your needle (you can use a yarn needle or a crochet needle to do this). Then, pull gently and secure with a knot.

Sew along the opening in the back and you are done!

(It kind of looks like cousin “Itt” from the Addams Family, right?)

Anyway, thanks for reading, take care and see you soon in March with a new “Stitch of the month” I still have to figure out! 

😁 ❤️ 😷 👍

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