Stitch Of the Month: Roman Stitch (Knitted)

Difficulty rate:

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Hi there! it’s February at last. Is it just me or January felt very very long? Anyway, new month, new stitch.

This one is called Roman Stitch, and it comes from the same awesome book I showed you last month. It’s also a repeat of knits and purls, but it’s even easier than the Diamond Seed.

It’s a repeat of 6 rows and it’s worked in multiples of 2. 

In this case, I added 2 extra stitches on each side to create a flat edge, so my piece was 24 stitches + 2 for the right edge + 2 for the left edge = 28 stitches total. 

The edge also has a name. Apparently, it’s called the double garter edge (whatever). It lies flat and it’s made like this: 

At the beginning of the row: slip 1st stitch, knit 2nd st. 

At the end of the row: knit the last 2 stitches.

Here you have a video for the roman stitch by New Stitch a Day:

I can imagine this stitch to embellish the bottom of the sleeves of a jersey, for instance. What do you think?

Take care you all.

😷 ❤️ 👍

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