More Easy Socks

I showed you some socks the other day. They turned out to be sooo easy to make that I had to try again. 

I had these yarns laying around that came with some sort of crochet course by installments. They are not very good quality… that’s the truth… but they were free.

(Each sock uses a little less of 1 skein of blue and 1 and a half skeins of white)

I’m determined to get rid of my yarn stash as you can see…

(Oh, thanks, Ryan. I really appreciate it… ❤️ )

Back to the socks! 😁 If you want to make them, just check my previous post.

For this thickness I used both 3,5mm and 4,5 mm hooks and the “growing” progression was like this: 

Magic loop with 12 hdc

Row 1: hdc, 2 hdc (repeat): 18 stitches

Row 2: hdc, hdc, 2 hdc: 24 stitches

Row 3: hdc, hdc, hdc, 2 hdc: 30 stitches

(I tried starting with a 3.5 hook and a 4.5 hook, and decided to go with the 3.5, so I could make the heel with the 4.5).

Then I made 5 more rows of all hdc with the blue yarn.

Changed to the white yarn and made 14 rows of hdc.

*** A word of advice: I did it all in the round, so no stopping at the end of each row with the slip stitch, etc. (Too much work). When you do this with hdc, you’ll notice that, after a few rows, your rows don’t end where they are supposed to end. They are like… twisted:

It’s not a big deal. It happens with hdc. Just make the extra stitches you need to have it aligned and that’s all.***

Now, for the heel, I changed to blue again and, WITH THE 4,5MM HOOK, made 9 rows of hdc.

Then, I changed to white and 3,5 hook, made 25 rows of hdc. Finally, I ended with two extra rows of blue hdc.

So at the end, to avoid the step in the last row, I made it progressive, ending with a single crochet and a slip stitch in my last two stitches. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough.

And here it is the finished product!

It’s weird to take photos of my feet from this angle… XD

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t put much effort in these photos really… ^_^U But you can see the socks, so I guess it’s ok.

Take care y’all! Wherever you are. Have a great Sunday!

😷 ❤️ 👍

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