Easiest (and ugliest) crochet socks

Hi there! I like to make socks because I can use scraps of yarns I have form previous projects.

I’ve shown you socks in the past: here and here

But I’ve found an easier way to make them. The final product doesn’t look that neat… that’s true… but they are for me, at home, so… good enough!

The socks are basically a tube, but you have to change to a bigger hook when you reach the part of the heel.

The pattern will depend on the thickness of the yarn and the size of the foot. I’ll tell you mine as a reference. I have a size 36 (Europe), so quite small.

I started with a magic ring and 12 hdc in it using a 4.5 mm hook.

Then I did two rows of increases:

Row 1: 2 hdc, hdc (repeat): 18 stitches

Row 2: 2 hdc, hdc, hdc: 24 stitches

And then I just kept crocheting half double crochets in the round until I reached the heel (in my case, 16 rows).

Then, I changed to a thicker yarn and a bigger hook (6 mm) and made 6 rows. (I now feel that probably changing the hook would have been enough…)

And finally for the ankle up I changed the yarn again (mainly because I ran out of pink yarn) and returned to the 4.5 mm hook. 

And that’s all, no secrets as you can see! As I said, it’s basically a tube of half double crochets, but changing to a bigger hook for the heel part.

Out of the feet they look like the ugliest socks ever. That had to be said… XD

But once you wear them, the truth is that they adapt pretty good. They are super easy to make and very quick too. 

I’ll certainly make a few more of these to lighten my yarn stash… so I can buy new ones!!

Bonus pic: Pretty much my idea of a perfect plan…

Take care y’all! ❤️ 😷 👍

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