Needle felting UP house

My friend Sonia just became a mom and I just couldn’t let pass the opportunity to craft something to welcome little baby Eric to the world. 

I’ve been meaning to make more things with felt since I saw this AMAZING account @cozy_things_studio on Instagram. 

Of course, that’s top level…, so I decided to start with something easier.

The truth is that the technique itself is not very difficult, but it does require big amounts of time and PATIENCE. Here’s a visual sum up.

For the balloons, I had these little pom-poms at home and then, what I did was cover them with a layer of felt. This was a way to save felt and give use to those pom-poms I had laying around. But you can just make little balls with the felt.

Messing around with the hot glue gun…

To finish the back, I gathered the excess of fabric and covered it with a circular piece of felt.

Ta da!

I have no doubt she’ll be a brave great mom.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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