3 easy kumihimo bracelets perfect for beginners

Ola ke ase! Summer is definitely here and it’s time to put away the yarns and embrace more summery crafts! Keep reading if you want to learn how to make these 3 friendship bracelets plus a cool way to end your bracelets WITHOUT messy knots and long strands.

I first heard about “kumihimo” last summer when I made these friendship bracelets you may recall. I love all things Japanese, but I must admit I had never heard about this cord weaving technique.

These 3 models I selected are very easy to make. All you need is some color threads and a kumihimo foam disk you can buy at a bazar or the equivalent to the dollar store in your country. However, you can also make your own disk with foam or cardboard. Just type “make kumihimo disk” on Youtube and you’ll find dozens of tuts.

The two color braid is the easiest one. You can find a great tutorial in Spanish by Creative Craft here and in English, by Crafty Lisa, here:

For the 3 color spiral, the process is the same, but with 6 strands. There’s a great Spanish tut here and English here, by the great Prumihimo channel.

And the last model is a 4 color combination but with only 4 strands, all mixed, which you can learn here in Spanish by Love Surprise DIY and here in English by Cursos Monica Maria.

Now, for the finishing method I promised! 

What I hate most about this kind of thread bracelets is finishing off. Unless you buy a metallic closing piece and make it all professional, you’ll probably end up with some big knots and a bunch of strands hanging there for all eternity. Even if you make a fancy slipknot so you can remove the bracelet whenever you want, you’ll have some long tails bothering around. I don’t like those knots either.

(Me in “hater mood on”)

So, I thought, what if I could make it rigid but flexible, and open, so you can easily remove it without knots or expensive metallic closures? Is it possible to insert a piece of wire while you weave it and then hide all the strands at the end?

And the answer to both questions is “Yes”.

And it’s very silly, really, but I’ll show you anyway.

What I did was cut a piece of wire about the diameter of my wrist and weave the bracelet around it. 

I started the bracelet without a knot. Just by placing the middle of the threads in the middle of the disc, like you can see in this screenshot of the first video I linked before, but here’s a screenshot for your reference:

I inserted the wire when I had about 2 cm of the bracelet done, and then I continued weaving, dodging the wire, for the rest of the bracelet.

Once I’d covered the whole wire, I did a pair of extra rounds to make sure it was completely hidden.

Now, for the closing, what I did was unfastening the threads from the disk one by one and, with a yarn needle, weave each strand through the last rows.

If you’ve weaved your bracelet very tight, it can be tough to pass the needle through! you can use a deflated ballon between your fingers to pull the needle and add extra grip. I have a “thimble” I made out of a glove my father gave me once which was meant for manipulating glass and other slippery surfaces, so it has extra grip. Very handy! You’ll end up with something like this:

You can then just cut the threads so they are completely hidden inside.

Since the wire is flexible, it’s super easy to put on and take off. So, no more giant knots and bracelets that remain there all summer and end up looking dirty and worn-out!

I’ve loved the experience of the kumihimo disk, so I’ll probably make some more soon. Stay tuned!

(Just one final note: I’ve written this post with the new WordPress editor interface I’ve been trying to avoid for many months… I don’t do well with change… you know… After some out loud complains, I think I start to understand how it works. Maybe it’s not so bad. IT’S DIFFERENT, that’s for sure, and it has a TON of new functionalities… (maybe too many?)

You can search for Gifs and insert them directly…

It also has a tool to "star rate" things:

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But best of all, it has a “panic button” to switch back to the good old Classic Editor… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I can’t ask for more.

4 thoughts on “3 easy kumihimo bracelets perfect for beginners

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  2. One hint to make the “knotless” start easier is to use either a wire bread tie twisted over the cords or hook a paper clip over the cords. Either one gives you a little something to hold on to at the start of the braid. Neither one takes up any room and both can easily be removed at any time. Enjoy your braiding!

  3. Hi I wondered if you could give me some advice regarding making a kumihimo bangle with wire inside. I would love to try and make a kumihimo bracelet or bangle with wire inside. What type of wire and gauge have you utilised?
    Kind Regards

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