More fabric masks

Here’s another type of fabric mask I tried that turned out to be great for people with glasses, because it fits tighter than other models.

I see some people is calling this model “3D mask” or “Origami mask”. Whatever. It’s really not too difficult to make and it fits quite nicely, preventing glasses to fog.

However, it may not be the best model for the hottest months of the year, because it’s very closed and it can be stifling after a while.

Here’s an audioless tutorial by Art Idea and here’s a more detailed one in Spanish, by Clases de Costura y Patchwork Mininos de Sanchez. The order of the steps is a little bit  different, but the final result is pretty much the same. I’ve tried both.

And here I’ll leave you some pictures of the process anyway, so you can take a look at the main steps.


(For the nose piece, I reused a wire from a used disposable mask, in between some bias tape).

For the measurements, the ones in the first video (22 x 15 cm -actually, she says 22 x 30 because she folds it later) are perfect for small faces, while the measurements in the second video (25 x 18 cm) work better for bigger faces.

And that’s all. Don’t lower your guard. Watch out for new outbreaks. Take care you all!

❤️ 😷 ❤️ 😷 ❤️

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