Glitter and trinkets “shaker” bookmark

Here’s a silly craft easy and fun enough to make with children.


You know I’ve been fooling around with glitter and vinyl lately, right? Some people may say that a little too much, maybe… 😁 I enjoyed a lot making this liquid glitter notebook cover, but I was a little concern with the possible dangers of the liquid glue spilling all over… (Glue spill inside your favorite book = Major disaster). So I made this bookmarks which have the same “ingredients” as the notebook cover, but without the liquid.

So, the process is the same, cut 2 pieces of vinyl (mine were 12 x 5 cm). Cut a piece of baking paper 1cm smaller on 3 of the 4 sides (so you can leave one side open and create a bag). Use your hair straightener to seal the edges with heat:


Remove the baking paper and fill it with glitter and other thin sparkly things like sequins, cutouts of color papers, etc. In the red one I added some “Mickey sequins” which come when you ask for gift wrapping at the Disney Store.


I’ve found it’s best not to put too much glitter, because otherwise you won’t see the rest of the thingies.


Then, to seal the top part, use again the hair straightener (or your iron) always protected with baking paper on both sides, don’t forget! Before you seal it, make sure there is some AIR inside, or the trinkets won’t be able to move when you shake it! (not too much air, you don’t want a puffy bookmark, just the minimum amount to let the things move freely inside).

And that’s all. I just made a little hole to attach a piece of ribbon, because… it seemed more bookmarkish… for some reason ^_^U.



 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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