Little Felted Wall Hanger Decor

Here’s my first try at needle felting. What do you think?


One of the many amazing gifts I received last Christmas was this beginner’s kit for needle felting. I had never done anything with this technique before and I was very eager to try it.

The craft itself it’s not difficult. It requires attention and patience, but it’s suitable for all levels, because you can make something as simple as a ball or as intricate as a hyper-realistic portrait, like the amazing creations by @cozy_things_studio. You should totally check her out on Instagram. She literally paints with wool.

Well, I’m still in the “simple shapes” fase, so I used the stencils that came with the kit to make this little thingies.


Process is really simple because, basically, you take a little bit of yarn, put it in the stencil, with your block of foam or sponge underneath, and poke it repeatedly (and carefully…) with the felting needle until it compacts and takes the shape.


I tried out 4 simple shapes that came in the stencils of the kit. But you don’t really need a stencil to make them.

Here’s a video on how to make a ball, which is the most basic shape, by Hawthorn Handmade. She has a lot of tutorials on needle felting you should check out.

And here’s another video by Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY on how to make a heart.

Once I had the shapes, all I did was tying some matching thread to a little twig and that’s all. So easy, right?


Since felt is so light, I hanged it with just two pieces of white “Blu tack”.  They show if you are very close, but otherwise it gives the cool impression that the twig is floating magically 🙂 . At least in my head… I’m easy to impress, anyway.


Stay tuned for more felting projects! 🙂 ❤

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