Crochet Snowflakes

Crochet snowflakes are something I’ve been meaning to make for many years as Christmas decorations, and finally this year I’ve found the time and the will to make them!


Just type “crochet snowflake” in Google and you’ll find an almost infinite number of models, tutorials, patterns and so on. After a thorough investigation, I’ve decided to try these two patterns and these are the results!


This model comes from Anita Louise Crochet and it’s very easy to make. You want to be careful with your starching though, so everything stays in place. You can see her video tutorial here.


This second tutorial is from La Magia del Crochet and it’s in Spanish. Maybe it’s a little bit more complicated than the first one, but it looks great. Find the video with the instructions here.

For starching your pieces, you can always use a stiffening product, or you can rely on the infallible-all-purpose-mix of PVA glue and water, which is what I did 🙂 There are plenty of tutorials out there also, but mainly is 50% glue, 50% water. 1) Soak your piece. 2) Squeez to remove the excess. 3) Lay flat in a non-sticky surface and pin the corners to shape it properly as you let it dry.


They make great decorations and also good Christmas presents for your loved ones.





Beware the cat, though… 🙂 ⭐ ❤

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