Paper bracelet

I told you some weeks ago I’ll be making something else with the gorgeous papers from the origami kit by Gründ. Well, here it is a paper bracelet super easy and fun to make.


First you need to cut stripes of paper. Mine where 1,5 cm wide.


Then, using a toothpick, roll them very tight. Glue the tip.


Make as many as you need to circle around your wrist.

***OPTIONAL: you can varnish them to make them shinier and more resistant. I painted mine with transparent nail polish.***

Grab some elastic. It has to be thin enough to pass through the beads twice. You’ll need two strands. Total length will depend on your wrist, but as a reference, I ended up using about 75 cm of elastic.


Pass both ends of the elastic through a bead, crossing them inside like this:


Repeat with the rest of the beads.


When you have as many as you need to circle your wrist, tie the ends with a knot.


You can try to hide the ends inside the nearest bead.

And this is how it looks like when it’s finished!


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