Children Craft Packs by Gründ (a small review)


I’ve recently had the chance to try 4 craft packs of the “Mes creations” series published in France by Gründ: the paper jewels, the coloring on velvet, the pop-up postcards and the watercolor  pictures. I just want to share some thoughts with you.

These packs are super cool for crafty children (and adults).

I first tried the “coloriages velours” (coloring on velvet) because it reminded me to my childhood. These kind of pictures were very popular here in Spain in the early nineties, and I had many of them.


The best way to color these is with felt tip pens or markers, because they are very vivid and will contrast the most with the blackness of the velvet.

Here’s my masterpiece! 🙂


There’s a color that it’s only been used once. Can you find out which one?

Then I tried the “cartes pop-up” (pop-up postcards). It comes with 8 postcards and a pop-up element for each (some have 2 elements). You just have to color both parts and glue them following the letters (A with the A, B with the B…) It’s original, but I’d say it was my least favorite of all. The pop-ups are very simple because it’s meant for children. One good thing is that the paper is pretty thick and it doesn’t show through the other side even if you paint with markers.

Definitely the black circles in the butterfly were a poor choice of colors…

For the “bijoux en papier” (paper jewels), the kit comes with instructions to make very simple pieces: a bird, a dress, a boat, two bracelets and then different types of paper beads to make jewels. It comes with 50 (50!) pieces of origami paper and I must say some of the motifs are very pretty!


And here’s the bird:


And finally, the “cartes à aquareller” (watercolor pictures), comes with 5 pictures partly painted, a brush and a very original palette, which is a piece of paper with pigments for 8 main colors.


It’s fine as a travel art kit or for emergencies, but the brush is too soft and the papel palette… I don’t really liked it. You have to soak the brush and pass it over the colors many times and still it’s very difficult to achieve strong colors. Mixing colors is difficult too. For the fox picture I actually ended up using my own watercolors.


In its defense I must say the paper is thick enough and holds the water quite nicely.

Overall the kits are great to entertain crafty minds for a while, no matter how old.

I may be making more things with the gorgeous origami papers soon so, if you liked them, don’t go too far! ❤


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