Disney Inspired Scratch Art

Just a quick post to share these two Disney scenes at twilight you can make with some scratch paper and patience.


If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll probably remember the Beauty and the Beast scratch paper project. It was cool… but it was a ton of work too.

Well, the thing is I had some scratch paper left from that project and, oddly enough, it happened that one of the paper sheets that came in the pack was different from the rest. Instead of having all those vibrant shiny colors underneath, it had a soft gradient from blue to purple to pink to yellow. It was almost like a sky at twilight… 💡

The technique is simple as it can be. It’s called scratch paper for a reason, so you only need to scratch the surface to reveal the colors underneath.

My pictures were 10 x 15 cm. I drew them first on a piece of regular paper and transferred them to the scratch paper.


Then, with a toothpick, I started scratching the silhouettes VERY CAREFULLY. If you scratch too much, there’s no turning back…


And then, the rest.


There’s something magical when you see the colors being revealed.


For the Mary Poppins’ drawing I did exactly the same.



BUT… I want to share a failure experience here.

The Mary Poppins’ drawing was conceived to be horizontal, and I was planning on using the upper part of the special scratch paper sheet, that went from blue to pink.


I had seen the black coat had some lines on it, like stretch marks… But I thought they were just superficial and that they will go away once scratched.

I couldn’t be more wrong.


The lines were very difficult to scratch, like if they were made of glue or something sticky. And they showed. They showed a lot.



Obviously, I couldn’t go on knowing the picture was going to look like that. I felt frustrated and sad for a while. I looked online trying to find more of this scratch paper with pastel colors underneath. I couldn’t find any. I don’t deal well with frustration.

I finally made my peace with the fact that one can’t always control everything and that manufacturing defects happen all the time. I reformulated the picture to be vertical and used the piece of paper I had left from the Aladdin picture. It looked nice in the end too, so it wasn’t a big drama after all.



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