The “Susie pouch” (cosmetic bag with pleats)

This year’s Christmas gift for the family was The Susie pouch by Pattydoo. Sorry it took me so long to share it with you.


I saw this tutorial many many years ago and I saved the link then, but never found the right moment to try it. The video is in German, but it has English subtitles, and the images are very clear, so it’s easy to follow anyway.

The pouch is great because, although it’s kind of elaborate, and it has many steps, it’s not difficult at all because all the seams are straight.

You have everything you need in the original video in the link above, but here’s a visual summary of the main steps. It’s long, but don’t be discouraged by the number of pictures. It’s not as difficult as it looks:


  • When boxing the corners, the original tutorial says 3 cm. I did mine at 2,5 cm. Just because. I’m unable to follow a pattern…

💡 Tip for sewing the zipper: if you are not very good at sewing zippers (like me), one useful trick is to always use a zipper that is longer that what you really need. This way, you can sew with the zipper completely open and the slider body won’t be on the way. 😉

After making 6 pouches I was a little tired of this pattern, but I still think it’s a great pattern and it makes a cool gift (Actually, I made 7, but forgot to photograph one of them… 🙄 ) The size is just perfect for cosmetics, medicines and many other things, and it really works for all ages and personalities depending on the fabrics you choose.

Which one do you like the most?

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