Knitted Short Poncho/Vest (with Katia’s Melody yarn)

I finally got to try the Katia Melody yarn and this in what my mama made me:

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You may remember this poncho I shared with you some months ago and the story about how the lady in the shop sold us a different yarn than the one we were looking for.

Well, I may have been a little bit intense with that story, because on my birthday my friends from work, aka the “Perris”, bought me 4 skeins of the famous Melody yarn.

perris lanas

The pattern is practically the same as with the long poncho. It’s two rectangles sewn together.


In this case, we started from top to bottom, from light to dark, with number 5 and a half needles (9 in USA). Cast on 108 stitches and work 4 rows with garter stitch. Then, the rest of the poncho, up to the last 4 rows, goes like this: 4 stitches in garter st. + 100 stitches in stockinette st. (1 row kinit, the next row purl) + 4 stitches in garter st. again. When you feel you are reaching your desired length, make the last four rows in garter stitch. Each piece will take 1 skein.

Make 2 rectangles and sew them as shown:


Weave in ends, iron very carefully to block et voilà.

And here’s Nui crashing the photoshoot as usual… 🐱 ❤ ❤ ❤


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