Super easy crochet flower to celebrate International Women’s Day

Hey there, here I bring you a tutorial to make this cute brooch to wear next March 8th. It’s super easy because it’s all made of chains and slip stitches (yes, you’ve read it right!) and it takes just about 10 minutes to make it. What else can you ask for?


First of all, I have to thank my mom for the pattern, because this is a pattern she invented many years ago and she has made in numerous occasions as brooches or to decorate scarfs, headbands, hats and many other things. It was about time I share it with you.

Let’s get down to it!

For the walkthrough, I’ve used a very bulky yarn so you can see the stitches better.

1. Make 33 chains


2. Make 3 chains more and then insert your hook on the 6th chain from the hook. Make a slip stitch. This way you’ll create the first gap.


3. Chain 3, count 3 in the initial chain below and make a slip stitch there.


Repeat this sequence until you reach the end of the chain. You’ll end up with something like this. And you should have 11 gaps.


4. Make 1 extra chain, turn your work. Now it’s when we make the petals. For that, we’ll make 5 slip stitches, each followed by a chain, in each of the 11 gaps we’ve created in the row before. The key to achieve this arch-like shape is to make the stitches looser and tighter progressively this way:

  • Stitch 1: make it very tight. Chain 1
  • Stitch 2: a little bit loose. Chain 1
  • Stitch 3: very loose. Chain 1
  • Stitch 4: a little bit tight. Chain 1
  • Stitch 5: very tight. Chain 1

This is how it’ll look like:


5. Repeat the 5 slip stitches sequence in all the remaining gaps. You’ll end up with 11 petals. Now just fasten off and cut your yarn leaving a tail we’ll use for sewing later. You’ll end up with a crochet piece that curls around itself and already starts to look like a flower.


6. Use your fingers to curl it tighter giving it the shape you want.


8. Once you are happy with the result, turn it over and use a yarn needle and the tail you left to secure everything in place.


Try to pass though all levels in the flower. Make sure you secure the first petal in the center of your flower. You don’t need to sew too much, just until you see it hold its shape. 2 or 3 stitches should do.

9. Now, if you want to make a brooch, just sew (or glue with a hot glue gun) a brooch or a safety pin.


You can instead sew a piece of velcro, or a snap, for other uses like an interchangeable decoration for a bag, or a head piece.

Experiment with different yarns and sizes to achieve different results. For instance, this is a tiny red flower my mom made for Sant Jordi’s Day. This yarn is very hairy and the flower loses definition, but it looks very nice too.


The possibilities are endless and you see they are really easy and fast to make and, as they don’t use much yarn, they are also great stash busters! Yei! 🙂

So, now that you know our secret family pattern, you can start right now and make a bunch of them to give as gifts to the women in your family or to your friends to celebrate Women’s Day. ❤


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