Mama made me a poncho

I want to share with you this poncho my mother made me for Christmas.

It’s knitted and it’s inspired by this pattern we saw at Katia’s webpage: English / Spanish.

My poncho doesn’t look exactly the same for 2 main reasons:

  • I’m shorter than the model
  • We didn’t use the same yarn

Pattern calls for Katia’s Melody and we were sold the Katia’s Shadow because the woman at the shop insisted they were just the same. Which is totally false and also makes no sense, because if they really were the same, why would they have different names???? 😡

I’m very happy with the way the poncho turned out, I love it, but I can’t stand people that tricks you into buying something they want you to buy, even if it’s not what you were looking for.

This poncho is a great project even for beginners because it’s mainly 2 rectangles sewn together a little bit on the shoulders and my mom also closed it with a few stitches in two points of each side, to help it keep the shape.captura de pantalla 2018-12-27 a las 12.53.59

The rectangles are work sideways. The pattern calls for casting on 108 stitches, but it’s meant to be made with the Melody yarn and size 5 and a half (9 in USA). This will make a rectangle of approximately 68 cm tall, 82 cm long. You can adjust the number of stitches depending on your height and the yarn you are using.

Work in garter stitch a few rows until your work measures 3cm. Then you keep working the rest of the poncho with stockinette stitch EXCEPT the first and last 5 stitches of each row, which you’ll work in garter stitch. When you are 3 cm away from your desired width (remember it’s worked sideways), change to garter stitch until you finish the rectangle.


(Marked in white the parts where the 2 rectangles are joined.)

And here you can see a cose up of the stitches.


Thank you, mum ❤

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