Rita’s little embroidery design

I want to share with you a little something I’ve made for a baby girl called Rita.


It’s a little embroidery, and it’s kind of made up. To someone who really knows how to embroider, it’ll be plagued with mistakes.

I just made a design and transferred it to a piece of cloth that used to be a bed sheet.

Nui helped me chose the colors.


Although I was inventing on the go, some of the stitches are actually real embroidery stitches, though.


1. French knot: in the little yellow flowers.

2. Running stitch: in the discontinuous green lines

3. Back stitch: in the continuous green lines

4. Woven spider web (aka woven spider wheel): in the rose like flowers

The woven spider wheel is fun to make and it looks great. You can find the instructions in this video by stylish4you.

And that’s all. For the back of the hoop I just cut a piece of felt and sewed it around the border.


It’s a very easy craft but I think the dark cloth is what makes the difference because it makes all the vibrant colors of the threads really pop out!


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