Pompoms 3: juicy fruits!

I keep practicing with the pompoms and now it’s time for some fruits.


For the kiwi and the strawberry y followed the patterns at Mr. Printables. I tried the lemon too, but it was a complete failure. Maybe I did something wrong, but I mainly blame it on the yarn. It was a very low quality yarn, the kind that come for free in crochet kits for beginners, and it just… wasn’t right. Too stiff, too harsh… Well, enough whining 🙂

For the watermelon, you can find a sliced version in that same link above, but a triangular pompom was too weird for me, so I looked for a different approach. I was inspired by this post by Kitiya Palaskas at crafts.tutsplus.com, but decided to cut it like the kiwi.

The colors are a bit off, but since the purpose of all this was mainly getting rid of my yarn stash, I thought it didn’t really make sense to buy more… 🙂



Next time: pompoms with letters.

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