Pompoms 2: Animals!


The pompom frenzy goes on and it helps that we now have air conditioners in the house, because otherwise I won’t be going anywhere near the yarn…. I hope you are reading me from a chillier place because, sister, this summer is being extremely hot here in Barcelona.

Well, as promised, here come more pompons. And now the theme is ANIMALS!

If you are interested in making some, you must check this blog called Mr. Printables, which has a lot of useful explanations.

The lions are a lot of fun to make because of the mane.


Find detailed explanations here:

There you’ll find also the instructions for the koala, which is also not so difficult. I added a bit of white in the jaw because I’ve seen some koalas have something like a beard.

BBNN_koala 1BBNN_koala 2

The panda on the other hand… I found it the more difficult of the three. It seems easy, right? Just black and white… but the tricky part is trimming it to give it a “panda shape”.


I’m happy with the results in the end, but this is nothing compared to the pandas that the girls at Pommaker have created. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you check their blog. I invite you to watch their video tutorial and give it a try.

And I’m officially in love with their doughnut-like pompom maker by the way… ❤ ♥

I’m going to buy one some day, I swear!

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